Serendipity – Strange Connections (Part II)

serendipity HE:

There are millions of men, boys, girls, women who spent millions of hours surfing social networking websites staring at their laptops, mobiles phones believing that they are connected. Are they really connected to their loved ones? Maybe few of them are.. But social networking sites and connections they create can be very fragile at times, and at the same time they help you to create some beautiful life changing experiences, thanks to few of those websites, I found her and this is one of the most beautiful thing that has ever happened In my life..

This story is indeed strange.. I believe in connections carried from last birth.. I believe in reincarnations.. May be people with whom we hit off instantly are connections from last birth..

We chatted constantly for a week after sharing personal contact details.. I shared my wish to write.. She pushed me to do it and after 3-4 days I did so.. Of course and she loved my writing.. She was trigger point for my writing thing.. And I owe her everything for this.. She guided me.. Cared for me.. Sorted me.. She was more than an internet friend I had..

And there was this sense of strong connection behind every word she said.. Every sentence we spoke.. I could not remember if I had seen her before.. Or its Déjà vu..

Her voice was soft.. It almost played like a piano in my ears… I wanted to hear her all the time.. She walked into my dreams.. My day to day life.. She changed my perception of life..

One fine day she showed me a picture of hers. She was totally engrossed in that shot. Expressions on her face and overall body language that shot spoke were magical.

And she told me she was actually thinking of me when this shot was taken, and after knowing that I was totally moved.. The sheer sight of that shot spoke of her feelings for me…That was enough for me to fall for her…

I went mad thereafter… I was in love…Madly… Deeply.. It was without any expectations… It was undefined… It was raw…

And one fine night at around 1.15 when I was sleeping holding my cell phone in one hand..

Suddenly I woke up at 4.15.. I checked my cell phone as usual and saw her messages… I was excited as always… and I saw her message..

I love you..

 That was it..I thought for a second, is it a dream? Next moment, I literally jumped from my bed.. I did not reply immediately.. but I knew this was something.. I wanted to hug her.. Wanted to tell her that I too had fallen for her… I was in love… unexplainable, undefined love..

And then after chatting for a week, we met.. We called it a date..

Yess it was a date..

 It was planned but planned sooner than I expected..

I was late to reach!

For the first time I saw her, I was stunned by sheer beauty in her eyes.. She was so beautiful.. so stunningly beautiful.. My eyes were locked on her face… She was talking and I was just looking at her…she moved around graciously.. Her persona was gorgeous.. Almost queen like.. I was looking at her all this while.. Food was awesome but she had all my attention and focus.. I was totally in awe of her beauty.. Her persona… her free spirit.. I was deeply in love..

We could not discuss our feelings about each other.. Both of us were shy.. Nervous… but I could see in her eyes.. What she felt for me… We were in love.. Madly.. And we cud not express it..

We spoke on random topics and after spending good solid 2 hours we left the place.. It was amazing time..

Just when she was leaving.. I hugged her.. it was touch of destiny.. So much of warmth and love filled.. I wanted to hold her for a moment but I hesitated.. And then she left.. Looking back twice..

I want to love her as much as I can.. I want to give her as much as I can give.. Without expecting anything.. I just want to give her everything I have.. Holding back nothing… Because sometimes beyond everything there is love.. True, pure love… And I’m feeling it.. Like never before.. Just because of her..

I love you.. Forever..

This story of strange connections has not ended for these two people. Many a times we live in a world where we meet, interact with people and then their story ends.
But actually, every person has countless stories going on in his life. But this story definitely disturbs him in the nights, keeps him awake, thinking and pondering about the strange ways of destiny.

And now, it has changed them, to a great extent; it is an unexplained emotional upheaval for them; in the effort of trying to discover each other, establish a relationship that is not bound in boxes. And they are happy.. Loving each other, loving the feeling of loving each other, savoring the purity of it.

The story of these two connections has found their happily ever after, but THE story it will continue, endlessly like time, with new characters and new connections.

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Serendipity – Strange Connections..


There are so many stories in this world. Every story is unending. People keep coming and going, their part in THE story gets over and new characters are introduced. But the story continues, without any break or pause.

This is a story of strange connections. A strange connection between two people, though the relationship between those was totally undefined. But there was a definite link between the characters in the story. So how did these connections happen in the story? Absolutely randomly.

It started between two people, living in two different worlds. They might have crossed paths, seen, considered, checked each other out sometime, 🙂 at many common places they were familiar and regular with. And yet, they were unknown.

Strange are these connections that happen in life.


I never knew how I added him on my network, but it think it was serendipity right since the start. When he added me on social networking site, I was contemplating whether to act my usual snobbish self and disregard his request or add him back. I checked out his profile and saw some mutual friends. Then I decided to add him to my list. And once, he pinged me on that social networking site. A polite conversation of how we know each other led to his expression of interest in writing. My passion is writing. Expressing myself verbally, was always difficult after a bad patch in life. Being used to penning down my feelings and thoughts in order to vent out, I always resorted to writing out things rather than speaking them.

I encouraged him to write and told him, that at some point, he has to do it, so doing it right away can always prove to be a great idea. He called me a trigger point for his foray into writing. Least did he know that it was not me, but he himself, who did it.

We chatted everyday on that site, which led us to exchange our IM ids, and we hit along like a house on fire. He had asked me to meet him, but I was not ready to go that way. I was not really comfortable with the concept of meeting someone whom I had not known.

But with our conversations, he stirred my feelings, deep inside that were unknown to me. I never knew I could love someone whom I had never met in flesh and blood. He managed to make me fall in love.. And he did it with casual ease.

The time when I first spoke to him, the sound of his voice was like melting butter, with the texture of warm honey – rich and mellow. His words were like music to me.. Not the regular pop, rock or funk music, but like jazz – peppy, light, heart-warming and sometimes bluesy.. Heart-wrenching, that rip out your emotions raw.

And the time when I spoke to him, I was high.. Not only on alcohol, but also on his words.. “How many pegs are you down with?” Seven simple words, but my heart melted with love. That was the day when I actually realized, it was not just a crush, it was love.. Not just the one that stemmed from attraction or physical intimacy, it was love, pure and true, that made my world spin.

The nights that I was high on alcohol, I was also high on him and his love for me. We decided that we couldn’t wait to meet each other. So we planned a date. 🙂 And I was having butterflies in my stomach. Will he like me? What will we say to each other? What if we are just good in chatting each other?

We decided to meet at a place which served great food. We met there and both of us were really shy, about expressing these feelings that were new to us. No matter how free spirited I am, when it comes to expressing my true feelings, I am not upfront. He too was like me and that made me fall for him again.

We spoke about different things for more than two hours, and he made me feel at ease. And then he hugged me. Though a brief hug, it left me smiling, feeling happy and wanting for more. When I reached home, I was thinking about him, his restlessness, his dislike for small things that I liked.

I was in total awe of him. He was everything I was, and more.. Free spirited, trying to explore his passions, an eye for small observations. He made me smile, filled my heart with love and brought a twinkle to my eye. He made me fall in love with him, when I was least expecting it.

I was happy with my life, trying to find a median between work and family. But he is destiny’s favorite child that disturbed a calm surface of the still waters, bringing out the storm within. He met that storm with unerring strength; giving me a chance to love him, feel for him. He, truly is a serendipitous connection..

This story is yet incomplete. She is going to email this story to him and hopefully He will complete it.. In his way..

Few Weeks Later:

And he took over the story to complete it.. In his way!

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An Indian Summer..

Sometimes love knocks your door when your are not expecting it. You can feel it, rejoice it, know it, but don’t realize the value. And then, when it slowly slips out of your hands, like the sand in an hourglass, you realize it.. Feel bad about losing it.. But you move on. Life is like a river. Newborn is pure and innocent; but as it travels, sees places and meets people, it gets experiences. And then either it swells in size or reduces. But the ultimate destination is attained. No matter what happens. We are innocent in a phase of life. As we grow up, meet people, gain experiences, face situations; we learn lessons. It makes us mature, bitter, confident, intelligent and wise; as we inch towards the ultimate destination – death.

But sometimes, like an Indian summer – that barges in the season of autumn, where the weather is unpredictable and suddenly the chilly climate is replaced by the warmth of the sun; our life becomes unpredictable in the same way. Stumbling across your first love in the season of this autumn is like an Indian Summer. When you have comfortably settled in the routine of life; a rhythmic melody with steady resonance; introduction of sudden sharp or flat note; or rather series of sharp or flat notes change the feel of the melody that induces a shift in the psyche. Our mind changes its course of thought and goes barging in the past. Recalling all the memories and impelling nostalgia.

That is exactly how I remember my first love, which I mistakenly termed as affection incited from an infatuation. Realized it was love, when it slipped out of my hands. Breaking my heart unexpectedly, which surprised me. Today, when I think about it, a lot of “if’s” are a consistent part of my thought process. If we would have been together, our life would’ve been stranger; a cultural, paradigm shift would’ve been a strong part. Yet I would’ve happily embraced all these changes.

Today, when I call myself a happy and a content woman, with a family, wonderful children; I find the puzzle of my life incomplete. Though that piece is not an important part of the puzzle; overall, it is still incomplete. Like an un-tuned guitar that lies in a corner with broken strings; or an old car the sports a scratch on the fender.

The need for someone, of someone, who will whisper sweet nothings in my ears even after reaching the autumn of our lives, stays persistent, tugging some unknown strings in the corner of my heart. That someone who will not cease to love me everyday, like he fell in love with me for the first time.. All the idealistic thoughts of pure love will be a reality.. Someone, holding whose hands, I will stroll in the park in the autumn, seeing the leaves falling and children playing.. Someone, with whom I will sit in front of the fireplace, with a steaming mug of tea of coffee in one hand and a book in the other, reading together.. Someone, who will walk our dogs, as I dirty my hands in the soil while planting pansies and geraniums.. Someone who will sit with me in the swing on our porch and see the sun setting in the horizon far away as we sip iced tea.. That someone, whose arrival will will make me smile automatically.. whose eyes will always search for me in a crowd.. that someone who will hold my hand as we drink wine and share laughter.. And that someone, who will have a twinkle in his eye as we dance together and he swirls me around himself..

A walk down this memory lane, imagining my life with that someone, seldom fails to bring a smile on my face.. Although a sudden call from my children, breaks my reverie, the corners of my lips stay tugged up. Every now and then, this Indian Summer knocks on the doors of my heart, beckoning me towards itself and its pleasing lanes of memories.. Making me smile at my frequent trips down these memory lanes..

People often term it as Nostalgia. I prefer the phrase “Time travel to an alternate reality” Sounds closer to the heart..

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Displaced in a crowd..It happens more than often with me that I feel displaced from the crowd that I am walking with… Looking at a city from a mountaintop, I feel isolated but not lonely.
I love inconstancy, instability in my life. It makes me like I am in a continuous journey for a lifetime… Traveling through vacuum, where I see a kaleidoscope of the world, passing in a blur, all the faces, the people, the houses, everyone around. It’s the mélange of anxiety of knowing a new place and taking your time to open up to new people, and a twinge of sadness that engulfs me whenever I get displaced.
It is a feeling of being a perpetual traveler, like a gypsy or a hippie. The feeling of losing behind some people, carrying your baggage and unpacking it whenever your mind lets you is an inexplicable tangled complexity. I always felt the pain of leaving thoughts, memories and people behind; yet ironically, love the feeling of getting displaced. It gives me a chance to look more into me, and see the world with a new sight every time. The feeling of belongingness never develops for that place and I find myself attracted to this strange yet compelling fact.
A stranger in the new city, where you discover the world, find some nooks and crannies, act silly because no one knows you, feel torn between longing for your motherland (this can be felt within the country or the state) see something new, feel different wind in your hair, maybe ground beneath your feet and displaced, disoriented surroundings. I wonder how people manage to come out of this wondrous feeling.
It’s the same feeling whenever you see the rain falling from your window… In the stormy grey clouds and weather… An isolating feeling, where I am connected with an unknown thread to someone, something in this nature… Incomplete yet whole…

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this is training session

hi this is traning session going on

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Starting a new series


I am planning to start a new series of blogs that will be a series of stories published from ‘His’ point-of-view and ‘Her’ point-of-view.

Your reviews and comments are welcome! 🙂

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Not a copyrighted imaged.. borrowed for creative purposes.

Not a copyrighted imaged.. borrowed for creative purposes.



Everyday I am asked to write something..

Everyday, I ask the same question, “What do I write?”

Everyday, I get the same answer: Anything..


What does anything exactly mean?


Such a vague word. So many meanings packed in an 8 lettered word – anything..

Sounds stupid though, when given as an answer to a definite question.


Anything – means boundless joy when uttered by a lover to a lover.

Anything – means ultimate sacrifice by a person towards someone or something he loves.

Anything – means a husband’s or daddy’s credit card to be used limitless.

Anything – means the last resort when multiple measure fail.


Concisely put,

Anything –

  • means total surrender..
  • means nothingness..
  • means everything..


Such a stupid word…

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तुझे प्रेम पडताळाव,
म्हणून रमले मी स्वप्नात अचानक अशीच..
घ्यावसं वाटलं एकदा तुला कुशीत..
गंध तुझा मनात, श्वासात पूर्ण भारून,
उलट पावली परत यावं,
तुझाच चेहरा स्मरून..
एकदा तरी हात तुझा माझ्या हातात घ्यावा..
डोळे भरून तुला आठवणीत साठवावं..
तुझ्या सहवासात दोन क्षण मिळावेत..
एक क्षण रात्र आणि एक क्षण दिवस असावेत..
पण मी फक्त बघितली स्वप्नं..
कोवळ्या वयातलं उसळतं रक्त..
फक्त तेवढीच स्वप्नं डोळ्यात उरली..
वय सरता सय ही सरली..
एखाद्या रात्री एकदम वादळ येतं स्वप्नांचं..
हिमतीचा बांध फोडून जातं..
डोळ्यात क्षणभर काहीतरी बोचतं..
वादळ ते शमल्या वर..
नव्याने पुन्हा घाव उमटतात,
खंबीर झालेलं मन पुन्हा,
तुझ्याच स्वप्नांत रमून जातं..
खंबीर झालेलं  मन पुन्हा
तुझ्याच स्वप्नांत रमून जातं..
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